Baby Care for New Moms


 Baby Care for New Moms

Having experienced the birth of your first child, you might believe the hard part is over; however, that is not the case. After all, baby care is the next thing that you quickly need to master.

While taking care of your first baby is indeed daunting, it is as magical, rewarding, and nourishing as anything can be. 

Here is a holistic guide to inform and educate you about a few things you need to know about baby care.

From breastfeeding to crying and sleep cycles, our guide will help you ease into your new role of being a mother.

A Goodnight Sleep

You might wonder why is sleeping covered before feeding? You’ll get your answer shortly.

Sleep is the most significant part of the baby care routine. A good night’s sleep is essential; not just for the baby, but for you as well.

Here are a few functional tips to sleep like a baby:

  • It is normal for newborns to sleep for as many as sixteen hours. Since that sleep is not in continuum, you will have to be on constant alert. 
  • To save you from sleep deprivation and exhaustion so you can take better care of the new baby, get additional help, and take turns to staying awake with the baby.
  • Babies tend to turn a lot. While it is normal, it is potentially dangerous. A bedding care pillow can be the boon you need to provide a comfortable sleep to your baby and keep him nicely tucked in. 

Breastfeeding Basics

Breastfeeding is the most complete nutritious feed for a baby; however, being unable to breastfeed for any reason is normal. Multiple products and services exist to supplement mother’s breastfeeding.

Let us review what to expect when breastfeeding your first baby.

  • Consult a lactation expert. Most hospitals and clinics have an expert available. Approach them if there seems to be an issue.
  • Don’t delay. It is relatively easier to lactate and breastfeed a child within the first couple of hours. The sooner you breastfeed your child, the easier breastfeeding gets.
  • Initially, nurse the child whenever he wants. Do not worry about too much breastfeeding, especially in the first six weeks.
  • Ensure that feed, whether mother’s milk or its alternate feed, does not get into your baby’s nose. If such a situation arises, use a vacuum suction nose cleaner by Such A Sweet Baby. It helps keep nasal passages clean and makes each feeding session a convenience. 

Handling A New Born

During the feeding period, babies get immunity from their mother’s milk. While it is effective against bacteria, the baby might still be at risk against viral infections.

  • Always wash your hands before handling the baby. In the absence of water, use a sanitizer. 
  • Ensure there is adequate support for the baby’s head and it is neither too elevated nor too lowered. Similarly, back support is necessary too as it prevents new born from losing balance and falling behind. A few small pillows or a support lean system could prove useful.
  • Burp your child often
  • Use a sponge bath method for bathing


Parenthood does not necessarily come naturally; it is a process one has to go through themselves and continuously learn. 

Whether it is requesting additional help from friends or professionals or using functional baby supplies from Such A Sweet Baby, new moms such as yourself must never shy away from taking the steps that ensure your baby stays safe and healthy – now and always.

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